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Taking Advantage of Resume Examples

It can be a challenge to determine exactly what information to include in your resume and what to omit. So, choosing the correct resume format is very important. Resume templates and resume builders are both great options to assist you in the process. But sometimes you just need to see some top resume examples.

Not all resume formats are created equal. There are three types of resume formats: chronological, functional and hybrid. Each format serves a different purpose and highlights certain parts of your career history. Be sure to do your research before deciding on a format and find resume examples that match the format you’re looking for.

How to Use Resume Examples

Resume examples and templates are a great resource for building your resume but it is important to think of them as a guideline, not a perfect match. Customize your resume with the most important professional information specific to you. Your goal should be to catch the eye of the hiring manager/recruiter with the content of your unique resume.

Use keywords (skills) to make your resume unique to you. Before sending your resume out to each company, take a close look at the job post to which you are applying. Ask yourself: What are the most important qualifications for this job? Which skills/keywords are mentioned more than once?

Once you determine those keywords, add them to your own resume where they apply. Keywords are crucial for getting past applicant tracking systems (ATS). ATS are used by most major companies and are meant to search and organize your resume based on keywords. Many times, your resume will never be seen by the hiring manager/recruiter if it is not optimized for ATS. Or you could use Jobscan to help you automatically identify the most important keywords for you and get past the ATS.

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Resume Examples by Industry

Resume structure and content may depend on the field for which you are applying. For example, a professor’s resume will look completely different than a sales professional’s resume. Some professions, like education, even require a CV (curriculum vitae) instead of a resume. Find examples of other resumes in your field to research exactly what your resume should look like and include. We’ve compiled a list of the best resume examples for common professions.

Accounting / Finance Resume Examples

Accounting and finance are both fields that put a big emphasis on education as well as experience. Pay careful attention to your education (including years of attendance and accolades) while building your resume.

Administrative Resume Examples

Your skills and proficiency will get you far when it comes to writing an administrative resume. Highlight your versatility in the workplace and your organization in all areas.

Customer Support Resume Examples

When applying for a job in customer support, your technical skills, including help desk and chat software, will highlight your value. Strong soft skills that prove your ability to communicate well with customers are worth including as well.

Engineering Resume Examples

Don’t bother with a summary statement if you are applying for a job in engineering. A qualifications summary can be used if you feel the need, but keep it to a few sentences describing hard skills and accomplishments. The goal of your resume should be to keep it precise (a very important skill for an engineer) and to use the space wisely. Include a “projects” section separate from your work experience to make your accomplishments stand out.


Healthcare Resume Examples

Healthcare resumes can vary a lot based on exact role as well as amount of experience. Try to find a resume example that lines up closely with your segment of healthcare.

Hospitality Resume Examples

In hospitality, your work history is what makes you stand out. In many cases, a resume format that highlights experience rather than education may be a good fit for this industry.

Marketing Resume Examples

Experience is key in Marketing. Let your “experience” section be the focal point of your resume, and add in a summary statement with specific skills and accomplishments to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Media Resume Examples

If you’re applying for a job in media, including video production, your experience and projects will help you shine

Product Resume Examples

A product resume is only as strong as its measurable results. After all, hiring managers want to see the impact you’ve made at former companies. Think about percentages, dollar amounts and time spans when developing measurable results.

Recent Graduate Resume Examples

As a recent graduate, it’s important to highlight relevant projects, internships and skills that correspond to the job you are applying for. For you, the focus may be less on work experience and more on education.

Recruiting / HR Resume Examples

Recruiting is all about connections, so show off the connections you’ve made or help your teams make in your Work History section. Include measurable results like the number of hires you brought on or mention new initiatives you headed up that helped your company grow.

Sales Resume Examples

Sales is all about experience, so a strong summary statement showing off your achievements will help you stand out. Replace resume responsibilities with accomplishments to really get ahead of the competition.